Reliance Securities | Stock Market Basics | Articles

Check these articles from Reliance Securities Knowledge Center.  Some of them are incomplete though: 

ICICI Direct | Stock Market Tutorials | Online/Web Based

Learn Equities:

Learn Mutual Funds:

Learn Futures:

Learn Options:

Learn Technical Analysis:

Lessons are very well written, concise and good for beginners. There are also video demos how to trade at ICICI Direct Website.


ASX | Getting Started in Shares | Lesson in PDF Format

Australian Stock Exchange Website has nice videos and downloadable lessons in Stock Market. Though some of the terminologies may not match our market, concepts and basics are same and will definitely help first timers to pick-up due to their teaching style:

Getting Started in Shares:

Other Video Lessons:

Tata Securities | Stock Market | Powerpoint Presentations/Flash Tutorials

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Tata Securities Financial Learning (FinLearn) section is nicely organized into various categories including:

  • Equity Market
  • Debt Market
  • Derivatives
  • Financial Analysis
  • International Finance
  • Macro Economics
  • Ask The Professor

Each of these above sections is further divided into smaller topics/lessons designed in Microsoft PowerPoint Slides or Animated Flash files.


Axis Direct | Stock Market for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Learns | Tutorial

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Axis Direct Financial Education Centre offers nicely written tutorials for Stock Market enthusiasts. The content is designed for beginner, intermediate and Advanced level learners.


  1. Basics of Markets
  2. Exchange and Index
  3. Economic Indicators
  4. Fundamental Analysis
  5. Introduction to Technical Analysis


  1. Fundamental Analysis
  2. Financial Ratios
  3. Technical Analysis


  1. Security Valuation
  2. Technical Analysis


Aditya Birla Money | Stock Market Basics | Tutorial

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Check out these downloadable resources from Aditya Birla Money on the following topics:

  1. Money Basics I-Volatility
  2. Money Basics II-Options
  3. What is a Share Capital?
  4. How can an Investor buy Shares of a Company?
  5. Why Equity as an Asset Class?
  6. How does a Secondary Market in India function?
  7. What are the various Segments in Equity Trading?
  8. Who are the various Players Trading in the Market?
  9. What are the different types of Market Views one can take?
  10. What should an investor do, before beginning Stock Trading?
  11. What is a “Future” Trading?
  12. What is an “Option” Trading?
  13. Money Basics - Introduction to Open Interest
  14. 12 Rules to Invest Wisely


Moneycontrol | Mutual Funds Basics | Tutorial

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Learn Mutual Funds basics: